Cosmetology Teacher

Program Overview

This program is designed for students who want to be licensed cosmetology teachers in the State of PA. Students in this program will learn how to prepare, organize and deliver instructional material. Students will train future cosmetologists under the supervision of a qualified instructor....

Teaching techniques for subjects related to cosmetology curriculum (314 hrs) -
The teaching plan and learning environment, Teaching study and testing skills, Basic learning styles, Basic methods of teaching and learning, Effective classroom management and supervisio, Program development and lesson planning, Educational aids and technology

Professional practices (57 hrs) -
Educator relationships, Teaching success strategies, Evaluating professional performance, Humor in the workplace

Salon Management Theory (78 hrs) -
Communicating confidently, Teams at works, Student salon

Student teaching (104 hrs)

Michelle Wagner

Michelle Wagner




Admissions Process

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550 hours, Full Time


OSHA 10, Milady, Barbicide, Be Healthy Barbicide, Olaplex and a variety of service certifications.
Barbicide Certification
OSHA 10-Hour General Industry

Employer Partners

Cost Cutters, New Hue, Smart Styes, Tammy Wagner’s Hair Salon, Vibe Hair Salon and Spa.

Required Items

10th grade education or equivalent, free from disease, 16 or older, and the hours required by the state for the career choice. 35 years or older or Veteran does not need the 10th grade documentations.