Program Overview

The Cosmetology program capitalizes on looking good and always being in style. Students learn to be a cut above the rest in the beauty industry. With good attendance, students can earn the required hours for state licensing as a cosmetologist, nail technician, esthetician or natural hair braider. The fashion-driven cosmetology field offers many more opportunities for those who enjoy creativity and personal interaction with clients....

Professional Practices (50 hrs) -
Life Skills, Professional Image, Communication for Success, PA State Law & Code

Sciences (200 hrs) -
Infection Control, General Anatomy and Physiology, Nail Histology and Physiology, Tricology, Skin Histology

Cosmetology Skills Cognitive & Manipulative (1000 hrs) -
Principals of hair design, Hair cutting, Perming, Shampooing and conditioning, Pedicure/manicure, Braiding, Coloring all methods, Scalp treatments, Artificial nail application, Wigs and hair extensions, Facials and make up application

Michelle Wagner

Michelle Wagner




Admissions Process

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1250 hours, Full Time


OSHA 10, Milady, Barbicide, Be Healthy Barbicide, Olaplex and a variety of service certifications.

Employer Partners

Cost Cutters, New Hue, Smart Styes, Tammy Wagner’s Hair Salon, Vibe Hair Salon and Spa.

Required Items

10th grade education or equivalent, free from disease, 16 or older, and the hours required by the state for the career choice. 35 years or older or Veteran does not need the 10th grade documentations.