PN Financial Assistance

Apply for Financial Aid

The family is expected to make a financial contribution to the student’s education. The primary responsibility for meeting your educational expenses lies with you and your family. Information on financial aid application is provided upon acceptance into the program.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Eligibility for federal financial aid is determined from information provided on the FAFSA form. The most recent federal income tax information is used to complete financial information on the FAFSA. FAFSA forms are to be filled out on-line once the student is accepted into the program.


Financially eligible persons may receive a Pell Grant from the Federal Government up to $6,895.00.

Federal Direct Loan Program

Students and/or their parents may apply for loans to pay for schooling directly through this federal government program. Dependent students may qualify to borrow a maximum of $5,500 based on financial need per fiscal year. Independent students may qualify to borrow a maximum of $9,500 per fiscal year based on need. Parents of dependent students may qualify to borrow up to a maximum of $12,000. FDLP terms and interest rates are set by federal regulation. Repayment does not begin until after graduation or withdrawal.

Alternative Private Loans

Eligible students may apply for alternative loans to pay for the balance of education costs based on demonstrated financial need and credit history.

* Any loans borrowed by a student and/or parent must be repaid by the student/parent whether or not the student graduates, can find employment in nursing after graduation, or is dissatisfied with the education received while enrolled in the program.

Scholarship and other Assistance