Program Overview

CIP Code: 15.0403

This is an instructional program prepares individuals to apply basic engineering principles and technical skills in both the mechanical and electrical fields. Instruction is planned to provide preparation in the design, development and testing of electromechanical devices and... systems such as automatic control systems, servomechanisms, vending machines, elevator controls, missile controls, tape control machines and auxiliary computer equipment. Instruction also includes feasibility testing of engineering concepts, systems analysis including designs, selection, testing, and application of engineering data; and, the preparation of written reports and test results in support of mechanical and electrical engineers.

Mechatronics instructor working
Tyler Snyder

Tyler Snyder


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PA Skills Certificate, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Construction Industry Safety and Health Certificate (10 hours)

Employer Partners

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Possible Careers

You’ll be able to land an entry-level job wherever there is automation. Those kinds of jobs include robot installation and maintenance, automation equipment installation, troubleshooting and maintenance and PLC programming. You’ll know how to install, maintain and repair the mechanical, controls, fluid power systems, electrical and electronic equipment found in a bunch of different of fields. Plus, your mechatronics training will equip you to make sure HVAC, mechanical, electrical and computer driven systems run.

Required Items

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Dual Enrollment Opportunities

Students in this program will have the opportunity to earn dual enrollment credits through Penn College Dual Enrollment program through Penn College of Technology.

Career & Technical Student Organization

Advanced Manufacturing Club


Level 1 & 2 students 9:20-11:40, Level 2 & 3 Students 12:40-2:50

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Post-Secondary Opportunities

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